Natural Gas Sampling Lines,
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A sampling system must carry out the operations that produce a representative sample. It therefore includes the following three main sampling steps :

- Collect a fraction of the process fluid at a suitably selected point to obtain a representative sample.

- Conditioning The sample shall be conditioned to bring the physico-chemical characteristics of the process (temperature, pressure, humidity) to the values required for normal operation of the analyser. The conditioning must keep the representativeness of the sampleAvoid vaporization/condensation and sorption phenomena.

Transfer the sample to the analyzer within a time period compatible with the operation of the process.

No sampling system is ideal or universal. It aims to find the best balance between all the sampling requirements for each installation.

Natural gas sampling solutions adapted to each situation

SOCLEMA offers you different solutions for your natural gas sampling systems. These solutions are based on the guidelines of the ISO10715 standard on conventional natural gas sampling and guarantee you the representativeness of the sample to be analyzed.
The choice of one or the other solution depends on many criteria specific to each installation. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project. From the study to the implementation of these sampling solutions, SOCLEMA is at your side to guide and support you. 

Natural Gas Sampling Line No. 1

Sample collection with a probe, conditioning in an enclosure and electric traced tubing

Natural Gas Sampling Lines

Natural Gas Sampling Line N° 2

Collection with GENIE probe with integrated separation and pressure reduction, safety manifold, bundle tubing and separator as the ultimate protection for the analyzer

Natural Gas Sampling Line