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Why odorize natural gas?

The Natural gas is by nature odourless and combustible. To detect possible leaks and avoid any risk of explosion, the natural gas is odorized before being injected into the transmission system. This is the VHV (tetrahydrothiophene), a colourless and flammable liquid, with a characteristic sulphur odour, which serves as an odourant for natural gas.

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Natural gas odorization system

OdoZEN is a patented natural gas odorization system. It is particularly designed for renewable gas such as bio-methane. This high precision system is reactive to sudden variations in pressure and flow rate and allows a wide range of injection.

The OdoZEN odorization system allows the injection of very small amount of odorous product, Continuous and adapted to different flow rates and pressures (almost immediate response). This system avoids a insufficient, excessive or inappropriate odorizationand thus prevents frequent production stoppages. The system responds reliably and efficiently to the operating conditions of the natural gas supply veins and specifically of renewable gas.

This odorization system avoids production stops and the availability rate of the injection is significantly improved.

In addition, OdoZEN is a system turnkey and autonomous because of its automatic regulation via a dedicated controller. It does not require any particular intervention. Compact and transportable, it can easily be used on different sites for backward odorization corrections or in storage or for the start-up phases of a new installation ora network extension.

Cane head box for odorant injection control

SOCLEMA offers a integrated solution for the odorisation of natural gas. This solution consists of an injection probe equipped with a sprayer and an enclosure mounted directly on the probe which allows to control the injection of THT.

The proposed system, developed in partnership with GRTgaz, allows to measure the THT continuously and accurately thanks to the mass flow controller, and on the other hand to spray the THT homogeneously to prevent the remaining liquid tht in the gas lines.

The enclosure can be mounted one GENIE 760 Injection probe or GENIE 702 probe. The interest of the GENIE 702 probe is that it is available in large lengths (up to 3 meters) and that this system can therefore be installed on buried pipes without the use of a pit.

SOCLEMA Natural gas odorization system