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Sampling and vaporization Liquefied Natural Gas
Probe - Vaporizer for LNG | Soclema

Discover the solution developed and proposed by SOCLEMA to allow a correct analysis of liquefied natural gas.
SOCLEMA has developed a highly innovative vaporiser-sampler for Liquefied Natural Gas. This new vaporiser sampler CryoSamp responds to problems related to cryogenic sampling, and in particular to the sampling of liquefied natural gas (LNG):

  • "All-in-One" and unobtrusive system
  • Representative sample (no partial evaporation during transfer)
  • Homogeneous sample thanks to integrated mixers
  • Sample not fractionated with optimum heat transfer
  • No bubbles thanks to debubbler
  • Easy maintenance without wearing parts
  • Complies with EN12828 and ISO8943 standards

Compared to other suppliers of LNG sampling probes - vaporizers, the CryoSamp system is much more compact, accurate and reliable.
Cryosamp constitutes currently the most effective solution on the market for LNG sampling.

The SOCLEMA solution: CryoSamp

Soclema CryoSamp LNG Probe Vaporizer
  • Material: Stainless steel 304 / 316
  • Operating pressure: 16 bar
  • Electrical power vaporizer: 100 watt / Max 200 watt
  • Flow Rate Output Sample vaporized: 5l/min
  • Flow Rate Output Cooling: 1l/min in gas
  • Electrical connection: 110 or 220 volts
  • Login: 2″ minimum