The constraints of transfer lines for sampling petroleum products and derivatives

Petrochemical plants and refineries are large industrial complexes with an extensive piping network that transports steam and fluids between different process units.

They need electrical tracing to ensure:

  • The viscosity of crude oil in pipelines from the port to storage tanks
  • The viscosity of refined products in piping from tanks to delivery points
  • Continuity of production in process piping in the hydrocracking area
  • Product quality by maintaining adequate temperatures of crude and refined products in storage tanks......
Tubes and Traced Tubing

Tailor-made solutions for petrochemical and refining applications

SOCLEMA offers you tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs.

Tailor-made solutions:

TRACEPAK tubes are available with sheaths for outdoor or indoor use, with temperature resistance up to 350°C, with a choice of process connection fittings, equipped terminations, communication, control and power supply cables.

Special materials:

TRACEPAK tubes can be manufactured with a wide variety of special materials such as fluoropolymer, Hastelloy, Incoloy or Titanium.

High Temperature Heating Ribbons:

Specific tracers, such as CPD-certified cables, mineral insulated MI cables and resistance wires, can be used to maintain temperatures up to 350°C and withstand high intermittent exposure temperatures up to 620ºC.

Duct materials for a wide range of applications:

Various duct materials are available to withstand high operating temperatures, allow installations at low ambient temperatures or withstand permanent deflections. These include polyurethane, polyethylene or PVC for outdoor applications, and braided polyethylene or stainless steel for indoor applications.

Solutions that improve performance:

Models with special protection or insulation are available for applications with high intermittent exposure temperatures. These models isolate the self-regulating heater ribbon from the process tube to allow higher exposure temperatures, while protecting against freezing.

Common applications:

  • Viscosity control of petroleum products, Asphalt, Tar
  • Transfer of Polymers, Oils, Urethanes, Paraffins, Chemicals
  • Corrosion protection

SOCLEMA supports you to help you determine which tube is suitable for your application.