SOCLEMA, the expert in sampling solutions
for natural gas and liquids

The complete sampling solutions proposed by SOCLEMA ensure, from the sampler to the analyser, the perfect conformity of the fluid to be controlled.

Sampling, the core of SOCLEMA's action

Since 1992, SOCLEMA has been the partner of most European energy operators and suppliers, by proposing: equipment or complete lines of for natural gas analysis (conventional, liquefied, biomethane...) and analysis of liquids (water, hydrocarbons ...).

SOCLEMA, as an expert in sampling solutions, studies, manufactures and installs the most suitable system for each situation and technical constraint.
The components and materials integrated and sold by SOCLEMA in its systems have been selected for their high technical quality and from the world's most renowned manufacturers in the field of sampling: sampling probes GENIE, sample transfer by OBRIEN traced tubing OBRIEN, ...

In addition to sampling systems, SOCLEMA offers systems to odorize natural gas and biomethane, with injection probes and enclosures for the injection control of the odorizing product.

Thus, SOCLEMA offers a complete support service of any natural gas or liquid sampling project, from the study to the maintenance of lines on gas pipelines or on all types of industrial gas and liquid processing or storage facilities. SOCLEMA is also a recognized partner working in collaboration with leading analyser manufacturers, in France as in the main European or Mediterranean countries.

SOCLEMA, a history at the service of your needs

Created in 1992 by Mr. Claude BOHN, SOCLEMA was taken over in 2009 by Mr. Olivier PERNOT via the Holding ANTAQUE. At first exclusively a distributor of sampling rods, the company has gradually extended its range of technical products dedicated to to sampling in order to cover all the needs of its customers in the field of natural gas or liquids.

It was towards the end of the 2000s that SOCLEMA turned its attention to the design and manufacture of complete sampling lines for natural gas and specific systems for the sampling of liquefied gas. The current premises located in the region of Lyon include the offices, a storage area, a reception/dispatch area, a workshop equipped for the manufacture of the sampling sets, the repairs and tests, and a room used to organize training for customers.

With a vocation resolutely directed towards the international market, SOCLEMA currently has a turnover of around 2 million eurosof which 50% for export.

SOCLEMA, on the way to sustainable development

soclema_environnement_demarche développement durable

Aware that every company, even on a small scale, has an environmental impact, SOCLEMA is committed to a sustainable development approach.

Our first action was to install LEDs for lighting of all offices. LEDs are more economical, consuming half as much energy as standard bulbs, are mercury-free and therefore pose no health risk, and have a lower impact on the environment.

The second action concerns waste management. In order to reduce the production of waste, awareness of good practices has been raised: print only when necessary, use as scrap paper a sheet that has only been printed on one side... Without yet going paperless, SOCLEMA has set up an IT tool to store, organise and retrieve all the documents needed on a day-to-day basis (quotes, invoices, technical documentation, etc.). The company has also implemented the selective sorting: Sorting of paper, cardboard, glass and other workshop waste.

The third action consists of setting up a organic vegetable garden. For the past two years, SOCLEMA's collaborators have been participating in this organic vegetable garden: planting, watering and maintening tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables, in turn. Besides, everyone is enjoying good salads in the summer!


IFPEN SOCLEMA relies on IFPEN's skills and know-how in its innovation projects and the development of new products.

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