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Some time ago, our company embarked on a ISO 9001: 2015 certification process.

As such, our quality management system is a major tool on which we rely to continuously improve our internal operations, and thus the quality of the solutions and services offered to our clients. The quality policy is an important part of our quality system as it tells you the main guidelines and commitments of our society.



As part of its expansion, SOCLEMA has retained its major asset, the reliability and the innovation of its technical solutions for the customer satisfaction.
The growth of the company, which has resulted in an increase in the number of employees, as well as the orientation of the business towards internally designed and manufactured systems, has prompted us to set up a quality management system linked to ISO 9001, which will enable us to structure our actions in order to maintain and strengthen the satisfaction of our customers.



The company's overall strategy is to provide innovative and reliable technical solutions mainly for natural gas activities, which is reflected in a company policy with the following commitments

SOCLEMA commitment

Sustainability the privileged relations and partnership with the natural gas transport players.
- Always listening and customize the technical solutions proposed in order to meet the exact needs of our customers.
- Do not make any concessions by offering the best technical solutions including adapted and efficient components.
- Continuously improve the resources needed, both in terms of equipment and training, tooptimise performance and the skills of all employees.
- Always be question to move the company forward at all levels
- Keeping informed and anticipate market developments in order to innovate andadapt technical solutions that meet the needs of future needs of our customers.
Raising awareness employees to the risks associated with our activity in order to respect the safety rules in force at our partners who manage sensitive industrial sites.

The involvement and commitment of all employees is essential to maintain and continuously improve our position as a key player in our core business.
The management is committed to allocating all necessary resources and maintaining a quality dynamic in order to achieve these objectives.

Olivier Pernot - Manager