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Tracing solutions
Tubes and Traced Tubing

Discover our TRACEPAK trace tubing dedicated to the transport of analysis samples

The tube TRACEPAK proposed by SOCLEMA consists of a small diameter tube or a group of tubes surrounded by an insulated and waterproof envelope.

The most "basic" tubes offered are monotubes coated with a weather-resistant thermoplastic polymer jacket and designed for pneumatic and hydraulic applications in explosive atmospheres. Then, insulated and thermoplastic polymer-coated tubes are proposed for steam, condensate, gas or liquid transport lines where the protection of personnel and heat loss are important parameters.
These tubes can also be equipped with a electric or steam tracer to protect the installations against freezing or keep them warm.

The TRACEPAK tube provides an economical and reliable solution for permanent piping installations, instrumentation and process line equipment, whatever the application.
The tube TRACEPAK is used on instrument pulse lines (transmitters, pressure switches and controllers), as well as on mechanical and utility process lines (e. g. steam supply or condensate return).
It is also particularly recommended for the transport of samples for analysis

The process conditions and the application must then be carefully studied in order to select the appropriate tube (material of the tube, material of the insulating jacket, surface condition, state of chemistry ...).

A wide choice of tubes is available metallic, with or without welding, made of stainless steel or more exotic alloys, such as hastelloy or monel, or non-metallic in PFA, PFE or PTFE.
Specific treatments are possible, such as electro-polishing and chemical passivation, or degreasing for oxygen applications.

Incorrect selection of the tube can lead to failure of the analysis system due to adsorption, the presence of contaminants in the tube, or corrosion. Feel free to contact us so that we can work together on your project.

The TRACEPAK traced tubing, a SOCLEMA solution