Traced tubing

Electric and steam traced tubes

SOCLEMA offers the TRACEPAK & STACKPAK range of traced tubes for your heated sampling lines. It's a high-performance tube bundle system that enhances analytical, instrumentation and mechanical systems in industrial applications.

TRACEPAK protects against freezing, maintains temperature, to prevent impulse or transfer lines from freezing, or to keep them at a certain temperature.

STACKPAK is used for stack gas monitoring (CEMS). STACKPAK transport lines maintain uniform temperatures for gas samples such as NOx, SOx and CO2, and provide temperature maintenance and frost protection for liquid samples.

TRACEPAK & STACKPAK simplify installation and reduce installation costs.


Generally speaking, the choice of steam or electric tracing is dictated by unit preference. In addition to the availability of steam or electricity in a unit, zone classification and the properties of the process to be winterized or maintained at a specific temperature must also be taken into account.


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