SOCLEMA, 30 years serving industrial analysis

Since 1992, SOCLEMA has been a partner to Europe's leading energy operators and suppliers, offering: equipment or complete sampling systems for natural gas analysis (natural gas infrastructures and renewable gas production ...) and liquids analysis (chemicals, petrochemicals, water treatment), as well as odorization systems for natural gas and biomethane.

SOCLEMA, as an expert in sampling solutions, designs, manufactures and installs the system best suited to each situation and technical constraint.
The components and materials integrated and sold by SOCLEMA in its systems have been selected for their high technical quality and from the world's most renowned manufacturers in the sampling field: GENIE sampling probes, OBRIEN sample transfer line, etc.

SOCLEMA offers a complete range of services to support any natural gas or liquid sampling project, from design to line maintenance on gas pipelines or all types of industrial gas and liquid processing or storage facilities. SOCLEMA is also a recognized partner working in collaboration with leading analyzer manufacturers, both in France and abroad.