Odorization and sampling systems
for gas and liquid analysis

SOCLEMA offers complete, innovative solutions for your gas and liquid systems, especially for renewable gases. SOCLEMA is an expert in odorization and samplingsolutions for gas and liquid analysis.

It designs and manufactures specific, customized sampling systems to ensure that the samples taken are strictly consistent with the gases and liquids to be analyzed; it installs and maintains these systems on gas pipelines or all types of industrial gas and liquid processing or storage facilities. We also distribute sampling equipment manufactured by leading brands, from GENIE sampling probes to specific sample bundle tubing for analysis.

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Research and advice

As an expert in sampling solutions for the analysis of natural gas and hydrocarbons, SOCLEMA can provide complete support for any sampling project.

SOCLEMA puts its expertise at your service:

- audits of your sampling systems, with advice on best practices and recommendations for improving these systems

- studies on your sampling line projects

Design and manufacturing

SOCLEMA puts its experience at the service of its customers to design customized sampling systems that meet the needs of your application and the requirements of your specifications.

These systems are manufactured in our workshop by our technical team.

Installation and commissioning

SOCLEMA can help you with the installation and commissioning of your sampling probes, as well as training your staff.

SOCLEMA's specialized technician will be on hand to assist the technical staff responsible for installation of our pressure sampling systems. He will assist the technical staff in charge of working on this equipment, and explain in detail the various stages involved in installing the sampling probe, right through to starting up the pressurized installation.


SOCLEMA can also intervene at the customer's request to remove the housing/sampling probe assembly under pressure, for example, when piggings are programmed to pass through the pipe. The SOCLEMA technician works autonomously on site, equipped with the necessary tools.


SOCLEMA maintains the sampling probes installed:

Complete probe disassembly
Expertise of the probe
Replacement of defective parts
Cleaning of theprobe
Reassembly of the probe

This service can be provided on an ad hoc basis at the customer's request, or as part of a maintenance contract with scheduled periodic checks for a fleet of sampling probes.


SOCLEMA offers training courses on the basic principles of sampling and the associated equipment.

These training courses are tailored to your needs and can be :

- Theoretical: basic knowledge of chemistry and physics, and the factors to be taken into account to design the right sampling system and choose the right equipment for the right application.

- practical: on site or on our training bench to learn how to safely install a sampling probe on a pressurized installation, for example.