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WDP5000 Water Dew Point Analyzer

WDP5000 Water Dew Point Analyzer

The WDP5000 online water dew point analyzer measures the actual water dew point at process pressure and indicates the water content, without any calculation.

Technical Specifications
Maximum operating pressure
135 barg (1958 psig)
Maximum temperatures
-20°C to +60°C
0.3 - 1.5 SLM
Measurement range
70°C below ambient temperature
Measurement time
2 - 12 minutes
Dew point min and max detectable
5° below ambient temperature
Dew point accuracy
±0.5 ⁰C
Hazardous area certification
Dew point analyzer
Cooled mirror method
CEIRS™ infrared spectroscopy
Gas sample
Fixed system
Real, automatic, calculation-free measurement
Our services

As an expert in sampling solutions for the analysis of natural gas and hydrocarbons, SOCLEMA can provide complete support for any sampling project.

SOCLEMA puts its expertise at your service:

- audits of your sampling systems, with advice on best practices and recommendations for improving these systems

- studies on your sampling line projects

Training courses to learn all about sampling | SOCLEMA

SOCLEMA offers practical training courses on sampling probes.

The training objectives are as follows:

  • Recognize the different types of probes installed on the networks
  • Know the characteristics of these probes
  • Know how to install, extract and reinsert them safely under load
  • Perform simple maintenance
  • Know how to check or diagnose malfunctions or breakdowns on the sampling line.

Training comprises both theory and practice. Practical training is carried out on a pressurized training bench (40 bar) on which operators can practice. In particular, the GENIE GPR, GENIE 701, GENIE 702 and GENIE 755 sampling probes are reviewed.

Each training session lasts 2 days and can accommodate 3 people.

These courses are open to all interested parties, and can be run in either French or English.

Installation of your sampling lines

SOCLEMA can help you with the installation and commissioning of your sampling probes, as well as training your staff.

SOCLEMA's specialized technician will be on hand to assist the technical staff responsible for installation of our pressure sampling systems. He will assist the technical staff in charge of working on this equipment, and explain in detail the various stages involved in installing the sampling probe, right through to starting up the pressurized installation.


SOCLEMA can also intervene at the customer's request to remove the housing/sampling probe assembly under pressure, for example, when piggings are programmed to pass through the pipe. The SOCLEMA technician works autonomously on site, equipped with the necessary tools.

Maintenance and servicing

SOCLEMA maintains the sampling probes installed:

Complete probe disassembly
Expertise of the probe
Replacement of defective parts
Cleaning of theprobe
Reassembly of the probe

This service can be provided on an ad hoc basis at the customer's request, or as part of a maintenance contract with scheduled periodic checks for a fleet of sampling probes.

SOCLEMA, on the road to sustainable development

Aware that every company, however small, has an impact on the environment, SOCLEMA is committed to sustainable development.

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SOCLEMA, on the road to sustainable development

Aware that every company, however small, has an impact on the environment, SOCLEMA is committed to sustainable development.

The new building designed by Mr. PERNOT is part of this sustainable development approach, with optimized energy performance thanks to insulation, the use of natural light, the recovery and use of rainwater for sanitary facilities, and the provision of an electric recharging point... All this in a business park offering a green environment where the Communauté de Commune has preserved natural spaces and ecological basins, and installed compost bins...

The second action concerns waste management. In order to reduce waste production, awareness of best practices has been raised: print only when necessary, use as scrap paper a sheet that has only been printed on one side... Without yet going paperless, SOCLEMA has set up an IT tool to store, organize and retrieve all the documents needed for day-to-day operations (quotations, invoices, technical documentation...). The company has also introduced selective sorting of paper, cardboard, glass and other workshop waste.

Finally, we apply this approach to the packaging products we use for our material shipments: reuse or recycling of cardboard, use of eco-responsible packaging, reduced use of plastic packaging...